VTech Alphabet Activity Cube

With electronic toys becoming more of a hands down choice for many kids, manufacturers are trying to develop devices that not only are fun to play with but also are quite educational. After all, mixing fun with learning makes it easy for kids at an early age to grasp ideas and develop their knowledge. This is where toys like the VTech Alphabet Activity Cube may be quite helpful.

The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube is an interactive learning toy. It has five sides that provide kids with different ways to learn. There are 13 building blocks with the toy that also helps kids learn the alphabet. Each block inserted into the slot helps kids learn more about each letter. There are also five piano keys, a number keypad and a toy telephone to boot. Other fun features that come with the toy is the peg maze, put and take holes, sliders and gears that kids can play with. The VTech Alphabet Activity Cube is available at VTech for US$ 50 for kids aged 9 to 36 months.

Image Source: VTech
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