Crayola Qwikflip 2 Sided Easel

Kids like to draw and would want to have a readily available area to do it. Having an easel to draw their imaginations out is a good idea to have at the playroom. But if there are two kids to consider for the task, this Crayola Qwikflip 2 Sided Easel may be able to handle the job.

The Crayola Qwikflip 2 Sided Easel makes it easy for kids to let go of their imagination and creativity and transfer it on this two-sided easel by way of their drawings and sketches. This unique easel is a magnetic board, chalkboard, whiteboard as well as a panting board all in one. Being two-sided brings double the fun since two kids can use the easel on each side at the same time. It also comes with a large storage tray to ensure that all those drawing items are kept in place and within easy reach for the kid artist. The Crayola Qwikflip 2 Sided Easel is available at Toys R Us for US$ 55.

Image Source: Toys R Us
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