Step2 Easy Turn Coupe

Driving is not just an adult thing. Many kids are fascinated with driving since that is what they see their parents do when they go out. Trying to drive a car to go places is such an interesting thing for them that they would want to emulate it. Kids can also learn how to drive early. But of course, kids need something special to drive around in. This Step2 Easy Turn Coupe might just do the thing.

The Step2 Easy Turn Coupe is a special toy vehicle that kids can try to drive around in. it has enough space to accommodate a kid 4 years of age. It also has its own versions of what kids may typically find in a car- an ignition key, gas cap, a functional horn, and many others. A front castor wheel makes the car easy to steer.

This toy car comes with a push handle is molded into the roof so that parents can push to keep the car moving. A clear plastic roof also allows parents to look after their kids riding inside the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe. The front trunk also opens up to space where important things can be stored in. the Step2 Easy Turn Coupe is available at Toys R’ Us for US$ 60.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us
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