Citiblocs Neon Wooden Blocks

Building blocks are among the most essential learning toys you could give to your child, as it trains their fine motor skills and imagination. Citiblocs take it a notch higher with its 100-piece Neon set, which is composed of rectangular blocks measuring 1 x 4.5 x 0.25 inches each.

You may wonder why this set does not provide a variety of shapes. It makes sense, actually, since children only stack the blocks on top of another. Without odd-shaped blocks that do not provide a flat surface when stacked, there are lesser instances of toppling, which often tests the child’s patience and interest to the toys. Each block is made of New Zealand pine.

Unlike other building blocks, the Citiblocs Neon is named such because of its neon-colored blocks that are eye-catching and unique. However, just because the blocks are painted neon does not mean they can glow in the dark. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways for the kids–and the parents–to create their engineering masterpiece.

Children who want to build megacities with Citiblocs can ask their parents to purchase additional sets ranging from 52 to 1,000 piece sets.

Recommended for children ages three and above, Citiblocs Neon Wooden Blocks is available in Amazon for the listed price of $ 29.99.
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