EyeSpy SpyLinx Live Video Walkie Talkie

Even kids are quite fascinated with two-way communication such as what walkie talkies offer. Kids find it fun and interesting being able to talk to friends from a distance by using a handy walkie talkie. Having this new EyeSpy SpyLinx Live Video Walkie Talkie may offer kids more than just two way audio communications.

The EyeSpy SpyLinx offers kids the chance to play with wireless communications more conveniently. Using 2 SpyLinx communicators, the EyeSpy Spylinx allow wireless communication in both audio and video for a range of up to 500 feet away. It also allows users to stealthily send texts or coded messages silently using the QWERTY keyboard on the device.

These special walkie talkies also come with a 2.4-inch LCD color video screen. It also comes with night vision Infra-red technology that allows users to see and do video feeds even in the darkest of night. It comes with 2 spy headsets as well as a single USB Charger. The EyeSpy SpyLinx is available at EyeSpy for US$ 80.

Image Source: EyeSpy
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