Handheld Talking Spelling Bee

There are now many educational toys available for kids to help them learn things in a fun way. Whatever fun parents can integrate into their kid’s learning and education is always a welcome benefit. Toys such as this Handheld Talking Spelling Bee may be a device quite essential for parents to help kids have that interest in spelling.

The Handheld Talking Spelling Bee is a handheld device and a talking video game that can help kids develop their spelling skills as well as improve their vocabulary. The device comes with a touchscreen display and with a contestant and judges shown, similar to what one may encounter on a spelling bee contest. The device speaks out a word and the player can give a response by typing a word using the touchscreen keyboard. Players can also request to have the word used in a sentence, defined or have its origins explained.

The device may be considered as a pocket spelling bee contest that kids can always find enjoyable to play. And with the audio component available, it helps kids learn how to spell certain words as well as build up their vocabulary over time. The device allows for up to players to play the game, encouraging even friends to play along and their spelling and vocabulary skills also develop as well. There are also other games available in the device such as word jumble, hangman and a game show for added variety. The Handheld Talking Spelling Bee is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for US$ 70.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer
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