Air Hogs Hover Assault Land And Air RC Car

Many kids are quite fascinated with remote controlled toys. There is that high level of excitement that kids feel when they have the ability to control racing cars or even control flying toys in the air. But it would even be more exciting having the option to do both playing with the same toy. That is what the new Air Hogs Hover Assault Land and Air RC toy.

The Air Hogs Hover Assault RC Toy is both a land and air remote control toy that kids may find quite fascinating indeed. Kids can have hours of fun either having the toy run through different terrain or have it fly into the air. It also comes with plastic missiles that can be fired from the air as well as on land. The Air Hogs Hover Assault is a toy that kids would especially like to have around to play with. It may even be considered as a good gift option for the upcoming holidays. The Air Hogs Hover Assault is available at Amazon for US$ 92.

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